Saturday, April 28, 2007

Helping those who are need of Healing

Two opportunities have shown what a community of knitters can do. Recently a family experience the pain of losing their son to a tragic car accident. And as a result knitters come together and donated dozens of squares to make an afghan to send to Aaron's family. Aaron's Afghan is turning out beautiful as Jen is putting all the squares together. (click on the link above the see a picture of it.)

This weekend I read about a Local Yarn Shop in Virginia that is collecting blanket squares for the VT victims' families. You can find out more about what colors and yarn to use, as well as size and where to mail them finished squares here. This is a great opportunity to show other how much we care about them and to help bring them comfort during a unfortunate circumstances in their lives. I will need to get some yarn before I can make up a couple of squares, and hopefully get them sent off before our vacation.

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