Friday, April 27, 2007


Very quick post to say it's been busy around here and I haven't gotten much blogging done. I am almost done with my booga bag, but it will have to wait because today is my...

16th Wedding Anniversary!

We are off to an afternoon in San Fransisco, with lunch at the Cliff House (lunch in at the Bistro restaurant) and later on a play. Ok, maybe not the most romantic play, but I am excited to get to see Bill Irwin live on stage. The children get to spend the afternoon with one of their favorite people, Mrs. Pepper, because she has a dog who loves kids, a huge TV with cable and takes them out to eat anywhere they want to go! She spoils them just like their Grandparents do!

Quick knitting up date...Booga Bag almost ready to felt, started my Artisan Vest, made my first purchase of Malabrigo yarn (it was on sale!), learned to make my first I-Cord, love knitting in the round, and keeping up with reading my fellow knitters blog. (Check out Whimsical Knitting today, awesome celebration for her as well!)

More updates and new pictures next week! Have a terrific weekend and even if you don't have anything specific to celebrate...just celebrate anything!

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Becka the Spoiled Knitter said...

Thank you for your wonderful comment left on my blog and for plugging it here!
Yes, 20 years with Jesus is a wonderful celebration.
And, I, like you, will be celebrating the anniversary of my wedding next month! Our's will be the 18th!
Have a GRAND celebration and CONGRATULATIONS!