Tuesday, May 1, 2007

First Felting Experience

I felted my booga bag yesterday, first time I have ever felted a knitting project. I watched it very carefully on advice from a couple of knitters on the knitter's forum (knithelp.com) and it took only about 10 minutes or so. I kept checking it so I am not all the sure exact time, but it didn't take long. My only problem was that when I shaped it on the box I noticed one area that felted on it's self together, as well as some parts of the I cord edging felted a bit funky. Next time I will be more careful to make sure it not bunched up in the pillow case. I must say that the smell of that wool was awful! Glad it doesn't smell that way when it's dry!

After it dries completely I will post the measurements. Here is a picture I took yesterday after I shaped it on the box. My kids think it looks like the Cat's Hat from "Cat in the Hat!" I am going to see if I have some fabric and try to line it.


Robin said...

The bag looks great! How much yarn did you end up using?

Congratulations on you anniversary! Sounds like you had a great trip. We will celebrate 17 years in July. It's hard to believe we've been married that long. Where does the time go?

Becka the Spoiled Knitter said...

I think it looks great! I know what you mean about it felting together, I've had to pull it apart when that has happened. LOL, don't you know wool stinks! I often wonder about the spinners who "love" the smell of wool fresh (don't know what would be fresh about it, lol!) off of the sheep! Far as I'm concerned, yarn comes from the yarn shop, I'm not into that spinning for such reasons as that odor, lol!
Thank you so very much for your prayers, you are a wonderful friend! I know your prayers are heard & I thank you over and over!!!