Saturday, July 28, 2007

"Tink" and a Lion

"Tink" does not refer to the jealous little fairy from "Peter Pan", rather it refers to knitting backwards. (It's knit spelled backwards.) I thought I would take my knitting with me while we watched a movie at our neighborhood pool. I also thought I could knit with the little amount of light that was there during the movie. Apparently not. First, I shouldn't have taken a project I had to keep track of stitches with and second I shouldn't have take that same project with yarn that is furry and hard to see in dim light. So today I spend about 30 minutes - one episode of "Hannah Montana" - tinking out three rows. I haven't redone it yet.

The lion refers to the Lauren's costume she needs by Wednesday for the play the kids are working on summer theater camp. The first picture is what I have to make it. I have a plan, but tweaking it as I go. I am starting with a pair of brown pants and brown long-sleeve hooded T-Shirt. I will have to cover some embellishments. I found some tan fuzzy fabric at walmart that was less than $3 a yard to use for the "tummy," "mane," "tail," and "paws." Felt for the paw circles and ears. The yarn is for the mane and tail. I cut out a few patterns to test out what I wanted it to look like.

I cut out the tummy patch (the large oval), the tail, paws, mane collar, and mane for around the face. The yarn you is going to be sewn on top of that piece of fabric, then I will cut to look like a mane around face and tack it to the hood of the shirt. The mane collar will be done in a similar way, then tacked onto the shirt. I have to keep in mind that the costume has to be easy to change into, and be able to move and dance in it!

The floor project is coming along, but it's not turning to be just a take it out and replace the floor project. My husband and our friend worked pretty hard on it the last two days. It looks like we are going to be rethinking how we use part of the kitchen area. We have had a desk, an old microwave cart, and a metal credenza in one area. Used mainly for storage for appliances and kitchen stuff, and school stuff. Now we are going to try and consolidate and see what we can do. Maybe get a nice china hutch? Besides the floors we do plan to reface our cabinets, replace the counter tops, and repaint. So we have lots to think about and lots to do.

Have a great weekend! And Happy Knitting!

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