Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Tuesday Update...

Hummm, seems my photos are randomly disappearing. My cake photos on my other blog completely disappeared so I redid them. And my Fourth of July ones just disappeared. Strange not really sure what is going on??? Anyone else having problems???

We are busy! And here is why...We are Remodeling! Ok, my husband and son have been busy with the actual work! When I am not dropping off kids at Theater Camp or picking them up, running errands, I am cleaning up dust, keeping up with the laundry, doing the dishes, and trying to not trip over things as we keep moving them.

I have taken some time to just relax while the kids are at their camp and spent one day last week, just knitting and watching one of the "The Lord of The Rings" DVD's. I spent Friday making a cake for a bridal shower. Hopefully you can see the cake here. Over the weekend, we did more work on the floors on Saturday. On Sunday spent a wonderful friends visiting with a Family who was visiting our church from out of state. John and I both knew the husband from college and pre-marriage days, but we hadn't ever met his wife and 7 children! It was great catching up with them and getting know his wife and kids! After we spent most of the afternoon with them, we all said goodbye so they could get on their way to their next destination. We had told the kids we would go see a movie, and got home just in time to make the next feature of "Rataouille." Ok, cute movie, but I wasn't quite as impressed as my kids were. It might have to grow on me.

I have only been working on my shawl, and today just added a third ball of yarn. I really like the way it's turning out. No pics right now, I am going to finish those up later this week and then get them all posted to the right web album. I have one for finished projects, projects I am working, and one of my yarn stash.

As for my laptop, it was turning out to be one delay after another and today the company offered to replace it. (It's under warranty) So, they are sending back mine, and sending a new replacement. Once the brand new (and upgraded!) laptop arrives, we will transfer data, etc., then mail back mine. And I will have a brand new computer, with a few new features and hopefully no more problems!

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Robin said...

Sounds like you are having a busy summer. But how nice to have time to knit by yourself with no one else around. I'm rarely in my house alone! The cake was beautiful.