Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Celebrating Our Anniversary

Tuesday we celebrated our 19th wedding anniversary. Our first stop was at the mall where I got to pick out a new teddy bear from Build-A-Bear. I had a coupon for a "free animal" because I have the same birthday month as "Paulette Courfur" (I haven't any idea who this bunny character is). I also had a coupon for my other bear, it was her birthday too, so we also got to pick out a free accessory.

My new bear is a Happy Hugs Bear named "Caroline". We also had a $10 coupon so we were able to get a outfit and shoes for her. (They even had a special for purchasing shoes & outfit!) The backpack was our free accessory! Great way to shop at BABW, coupons, specials, and gift certificates!
Later we dropped the kids off at home so they could finish up their school work, while J and I went to Ikea. We found a few things and got some ideas for updating a few items in the kitchen. Later J and I headed to our Anniversary dinner at "The Melting Pot" in San Mateo. We had never been there and tried their "Big Night Out" Special. It certainly was a unique experience and I definitely want to try it again.

First course was "Feng Shui Cheese Fondue." Served with an assortment of bread, veggies, and apples.

Second course featured "Lettuce Wraps."Our main entree had quite a variety to try. Shrimp, steak, pot stickers, ahi tuna, pork, chicken, all marinated with a unique flavor. They even had a variety of dips, and batter to use if wanted even more flavor. The best part of the meal was definitely dessert. We choose to try a different one than was featured, good choice! Cookies N Cream Marshmallow Dream, dark chocolate and marshmallow cream with crushed oreos. Served with Bananas, strawberries, marshmallows covered in crushed graham crackers and crushed oreos, a mini cheese cake, rice krispie treats, brownies and pound cake. We ended up taking part of this home to enjoy later!

A wonderful way to celebrate a wonderful day!


Marcia said...

Happy anniversary! I've always wanted to go to the melting pot. Looks very good!

Robin said...

Congratulations on 19 years! We celebrate our 20th in July. I got my first Build-a-Bear just recently for my 40th birthday. I'm still a little girl at heart - I guess you are too!