Thursday, February 23, 2012

Magical Socks

Link Stitches West is here in Santa Clara and thanks to my kind husband I signed up for to learn how to knit toddler socks. I have been wanting to learn how to knit socks for sometime and since I won a sock kit last year, which is still waiting to be turned magically into socks, it's now time. So a class to learn to knit little socks, will at least give me a start!

Last year at Stitches West I learned to improve my sweater making skills, change to Continental/English style knitting, how to "magic loop", and how to knit short rows. I can now do short rows, magic loop, and Continental Knit, (still working on the purl, not so great at that yet). My sweaters, well, they are still a work in progress.

This year's class is the only one I can take due to my busy schedule this particular weekend. Most of the classes were sold out by the time I decided to check the schedule. The toe-up toddler socks seemed to be calling my name. So I will need to knit up a swatch to check gauge tonight, (yes, waiting until the very last minute), and then head to the convention center tomorrow very bright and very early so I can check in and get to my class. It will be a full day, 2 3 hour classes (it's one class just two sessions), with a 2 hour break. With my break I will do some booth shopping, and see what the latest is out there for knitters. Then home to my family, and prepare to leave for a church training in Sacramento on Saturday, which means leaving much earlier and less brighter (not so bright at 6:15 am) for a full day of learning about what is coming up with Vacation Bible School. Then our normal Sunday routine, and by the time I get home Sunday I will probably be good and ready for some serious rest!

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I just love these. So cute.